The Kensington Business District Association (KBDA) was officially established in 1992 to represent the interests of businesses operating in Kensington

Maryland 20895 .  Easily accessible via auto and other public transportation (Marc Train, Ride-On Bus, or Metrobus and Metrorail), Kensington boasts more than 300 businesses from a variety of disciplines including service, professional, retail, restaurant, government and health care.

The KBDA’s objective is to work in a cooperative environment with the local government and the community to:

  •   Effect change;
  •   Lobby more effectively;
  •   Enhance awareness of Kensington’s business district through coordination of special events, brochures and cooperative advertising; and
  •   Improve the quality of life for business commerce by addressing an ongoing physical revitalization strategy and economic development.

 The KBDA 2008/2009 Board Officers and Directors include:

            Dennis McCurdy, President

          Patrick Weed, Vice President

          John Blick, Vice President/Membership

          Brett McCurdy, Treasurer

          Patricia Ludwig, Secretary

            Duane Rollins, Director

            Elisenda Sola-Sole, Director          




20895  Kensington Business District Association (KBDA) April 2009

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